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Strategic Technology Solutions to help businesses get leads and increase sales and market share. ►►► Ask me how. ► HOT TECHNOLOGY ** Use your mailing list and match to IP addresses, Deductive Marketing and Recruiting is a sales and marketing technology broker. Along with our partners, we have over 200 years of experience and over $140 million in sales. We are experts on LinkedIn and are Facebook Blueprint Certified as well as a Google Certified Partner in all five areas. 90% of Google partners are only certified in AdWords: ►Google AdWords ►Google Search ►Google Display ►Google Mobile ►Google Shopping ► Facebook Advertising ►Facebook Campaign Creator ►Access to Advanced Tools and Beta Tests You would be hard pressed to find another agency with this level of proficiency and certification. B2B and B2C SOLUTIONS ►Stay in contact with the 90+% your website visitors who “look and leave” ►Get more ROI from your ★ website ★ email list ★ phone list ►Market to your competitors’ online customers and steal market share ►Market to your competitors’ brick and mortar customers and steal market share ►Train the bottom 80% of your sales team to sell like the top 20% WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN TO YOU? With 200+ years of experience, we have the business acumen to know what your technology marketing needs to accomplish. Being pretty or flashy isn’t enough. Your marketing needs to generate leads. Plain and simple. And, being a broker means we have access to programs and technologies your current marketing technology provider doesn’t have, GUARANTEED. To paraphrase the old saying: If the only tool your technology partner has is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We have over 30 technology tools and programs to bring you leads and connect with prospects. $140 Million in sales means we know what we’re doing. Contact us now for a free, no obligation analysis of your website and online marketing. 408-395-1028

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