Dio Deka




Located in the Hotel Los Gatos in the history and charming downtown village of Los Gatos, dio Deka is the culmination of the dreams of five Greek restauranteurs: Nikos Kalouris, Vagelis Papazisis, Yiani Dulles, Julian Abbot, and Petros Katopodis. With them comes the financial backing of Former CEO of Verisign and Greek descendent Stratton Sclavos. Dio Deka’s focus is the fine Helenic cuisine served in a warm and relaxing setting with a commitment to old-world hospitality. The name Dio Deka stems from the restaurant’s address, 210, which reads Dio Deka in Greek. Coincidentally, 210 also happens to be the area code in Athens. The overriding value at Dio Deka is that of floxenia, the Greek word for traditional hospitality, in which a stranger, or xenos, is instantly made a friend, or filos after being welcomed into one’s home. For that reason, all five managing partners work as servers on the floor of the restaurant in addition to their management duties, helping to spread filoxenia among both the staff and guests.

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