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Aqua Purification Systems, Inc.

Aqua Purification Systems, Inc.


Industrial, Manufacturing, & Materials



Aqua Purification Systems, Inc. is an international factory distributor for water treatment products and steam generators. Our focus is to sell direct to manufactures and distributors, passing the excellent discounts to our customers worldwide. We provide our customers with timely and competitive quotations for any of the products we offer. Furthermore, the discounts we extend are never restricted to specific quantities. By doing this, the customer's business expands with the product growth. Our specialty items offered at competitive wholesale prices are: •Softener & Filter Control Valves •Automatic Softening & Filtration Kits •Filtration Media: Birm, Anthracite, Filter Ag, Filter Ag-Plus, Activated Carbon, Calcite, Garnet, Greensand (and others) •Brine Tanks (and accessories) •Ozone Generators (and accessories) •FRP, Composite Tanks & Distributors •Chemical Metering Pumps •Cartridge Filters (of varying micron sizes) •Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housings •Steam Generators

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