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Casino M8trix

Casino M8trix


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Casino Matrix is a contemporary expression of architecture designed to uplift the spirit and produce awe, wonder, comfort, and ultimately bliss – “I really have arrived.” The aesthetic vocabulary reflects the times we live in and the artistic sensitivities we have come to adopt as being “of-our-time”, through the use of imagery that the Casino M8trix brand will display in its structure, its public spaces, and its outdoor environments. Technology as an expression of who we are in the 21st century will play a significant role in creating unique guest experiences. This technology will both compliment the guest experience as well as continually transform the interior design and exterior architecture. Clean contemporary architecture and design is met with warmth elegance and sophistication. Looking for “live” action poker? For beginners to pros, we feature No Limit and Limit TEXAS HOLD’EM games. We also offer Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo Split, 7 Stud, daily POKER TOURNAMENTS and more. We also feature Baccarat, play the most popular game in the world. Bet Player or Banker. Closest to 9 wins. Want more action? Place a wager on one of our Bonus Bets which pays on qualifying hands. Double Hand Poker AKA Pai Gow Poker, make a wager and receive seven (7) cards to make a two (2) card and five (5) poker hand. Beat the Bank hand and win. Play the optional Fortune Bonus Bet where a small bet can win BIG MONEY with a qualifying high hand. Pure 21.5 Blackjack, why travel? We offer “Vegas” style blackjack here in San Jose. Featuring the Red Flex and Buster Bonus Bets. Pokara, the game of the future! The latest fast action game! POKARA is a blend of Poker mixed with Blackjack. Place a wager to receive a three card Poker hand which plays against the Bank hand.

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