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Law Offices of Timothy Gill

Law Offices of Timothy Gill




A Car Wreck is Always Disorienting and Distressing whether you were the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, or a bicyclist, being involved in any type of motor vehicle accident is always distressing. Our serious injury attorneys truly care about the well-being of injured people. As experienced auto accident lawyers, we understand our clients' needs following an accident such as an SUV rollover or mini-van crash. We are well qualified to be your “voice” before the auto insurance claims adjustor and will handle all interactions with the insurance company. The Law Offices of Timothy Gill understands that, in addition to any bodily injury you suffered, the loss of your car is of great concern. Therefore, after advising you to get a prompt medical examination, we are ready to help you with the process of making a property damage claim. Because of your motor vehicle accident, you may be dealing with the pain of a soft tissue injury such as a back injury or neck injury. Our auto accident lawyers know from the experience of helping other clients that “minor” injuries can prove to be more serious than they at first appear. We will work to see that all related medical costs are identified and paid for. Treatment for more serious injuries such as closed head injuries, broken bones, burns, amputation, or paralysis is very expensive. You may require surgery. You are likely to miss time from work. You may face weeks, months, or years of physical therapy. Contact the serious injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Timothy Gill. We will fight for your right to full compensation from all parties responsible for your serious injury. Our auto accident lawyers are prepared to help you with all legal issues involved in motor vehicle accidents. For example, we will deal with claims involving uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists, dram shop issues (holding bars and restaurants that served alcohol to a drunk driver responsible for your accident), and insufficient insurance policy limits. Bottom Line: We Go to Court for Clients! Our auto accident lawyers are prepared to present a strong case for your fair compensation in settlement negotiation or before a judge or jury. We also represent surviving loved ones of those killed in a fatal accident.


Timothy Gill

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