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Wired Integrations, Inc.

Wired Integrations, Inc.


IT Services


Wired Integrations is a leading provider of strategic technology solutions and support to help your business be successful. Having been in business since 1996, we have seen many of our competitors come and go but our decision to be a relationships based institution has helped us continue our practice for over 15 years. Wired Integrations was founded in 1996 by John Modlin and Mark A. Gilmore to fill a void created by IBM when it decided to eliminate their SE’s dedicated to client services. With their extensive backgrounds in infrastructure integration and the need for systems integration, Wired Integrations was immediately in demand and profitable day one. The one requirement that both John and Mark were adamant about was the dedication to customer service. The duo did not want to be viewed as pushy sales people nor just a couple of tech heads out to make a buck. The goal was always to provide the client with technical solutions that would improve their business.


Mark A. Gilmore

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